Recovery Spotlight – June 2018

We are excited to announce our Recovery Spotlight for the month of June! Each month we recognize a person in recovery for their achievements and dedication in their recovery. This month we recognize Gabi Powell

June of 2018 Mark’s one year of sobriety for Gabi. In the past year she has had many life changing events happen. In April she welcomed her first child into this world, changing her life completely. She will even tell you her world is brighter and love is abundant when looking at her son. Gabi has been very involved in family and her faith during her recovery as well as doing everything she can to help others that may be struggling to find their path. Her recovery makes her shine, it’s something she is proud of and it truly reflects in everything she does. Her family is proud to stand with and behind her to cheer her on down the path of recovery, watching her grow spiritually and learn to be a mom has been a blessing in it’s own.