Recovery Spotlight – July 2018

We are excited to announce our Recovery Spotlight for the month of July! Each month we recognize a person in recovery for their achievements and dedication in their recovery. This month we are recognizing a huge supporter of the recovery movement and a man that goes above and beyond to help his community, Pastor Mort Gridley!

Mort is the Pastor of Rathbone United Methodist church, he is a regular attendee of our Wednesday night support groups as well as on our board of directors. Mort is a strong support for many people in our community, whether in faith or just as a shoulder to lean on he is the first person to step up when someone is in need. We have all learned so much from his words of wisdom and guidance. Recovery takes a team, support and friendship is necessary for any addict to recover and so many of us have found this friendship and support in Pastor Mort. He has said, “Recovery is not the outcome it’s the way of living one day at a time.” This is so true and for many of us in this area, would not be possible without the love, support and wisdom of this incredible man. Thank you Pastor Mort for all you do for all of us here at AASC, we love you dearly and are beyond blessed to have you in our lives!!!