Recovery Support Spotlight – April 2018

We are excited to announce our Recovery Spotlight for the month of April! So far this year, each month we have recognized a person in recovery for their achievements and dedication in their recovery, however, this month we have chosen to recognize a supporter of recovery rather than an individual in recovery.

A strong support system is such a vital part of early recovery, as well as long term recovery. Deb Kremer is a regular attendee at the Wednesday night meetings in Addison, NY. She has lived through the trauma that addiction puts a family through and has used her testimony, and shared her story publically to show love, support, and encouragement to addicts and their families. Deb’s story is one of tragedy but more importantly her story is one of Hope.

Thank you Deb for everything you do for all of us here at Addiction Awareness of Steuben County. Thank you for your love and personality during our meetings and your continued love and support to so many of us on a personal level. We love you and value your spirit and your contribution to what we do. You bring so much to the table and this month we want to honor that.

Congratulations, thank you, and we love you!!