Recovery Spotlight – August 2018

We are excited to announce our Recovery Spotlight for the month of August! Each month we recognize a person in recovery for their achievements and dedication in their recovery. This month we are recognizing Rob!

When asked to share about his journey through addiction and into recovery Rob said “I started using when I was 14 years old. At first, it was just “harmless fun”…. or so I thought. It began with some weed and alcohol, later on my DOC (drug of choice) became, “Whatcha got!?” I would do just about anything I could get my hands on.
Then I found meth. It easily ruined my life, and I let it. I lost my home, my family, and all in all… I lost myself.
I haven’t touched meth in over 6 years. This month,(August 15th) last year I finally quit the last drug I had done, weed.
I’ve been to the Addison meeting at the fire hall many times. The meeting is totally different from any meeting I’ve ever been to. It’s wonderful to have all of the supporters as well as addicts there to vent to, and share our story with.
Thank you for the nomination. I am truly honored!”

Congratulations on 1 year clean Rob!!! Everyone involved with AASC is so very proud of you! Your contagious laugh, and smile that lights up the room makes every Wednesday night meeting a bit more special! We are all so happy to have you as part of our group!! Congratulations!!!