Recovery Support Spotlight – September 2018

Our Recovery Spotlight for the month of September is Teresa Haight!

Teresa Haight is a grandmother, parent, aunt, friend, co-worker, neighbor, and a mother of a now 26 year old daughter in recovery. She started attending an addiction recovery support group meeting in June 2015 and, since then, has become a member of the Addiction Awareness of Steuben County Support Group as a member of the 9 member Board of Directors along with filling the roles of financial coordinator along with other administrative duties as needed. Teresa facilitates the weekly support group meetings held every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., at the Addison Fire Hall, 1 Tuscarora Street, Addison, NY. She started attending the weekly support group meetings in order to gain more awareness about addiction and recovery. Her first visit back in 2015 was during a time when her daughter was in her second stint in rehab, then a week later, this mother-daughter duo started on their path of recovery road together. Their journey has been, and continues, to be a wonderful learning experience, together. Teresa has learned of her own underlying issues of enabling, denial, and control that have contributed to the behaviors of her daughter’s addiction. Their growing and learning together has brought them closer together emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as they continue their journey together.